Duet has a great business year in 2010

duet logoDespite of the financial crisis some Australian company still on top of their game. The Duet Group has reported an unbelievable 140 million dollar profit in this year despite of the crisis. The company had lost 62.3 million dollars in the previous year.

Now after being successful in the Australian market, the company is now looking forward to target the US market.

The net profit of the company has grown up to 4.5 percent and reached 612 million dollar. As the Australian market has been successfully done now the US market can do the same for the company as per the trade analysts.

As per the report, the company has stated that it will invest 514 million dollar towards its debt provisions and further it will use its sale follow up. It is also anticipating some new kinds of provisions before closing funds for sale in Australian markets.

The company has owned stakes in UED, DB pipeline, MG Holding as well as WAG Networks too. As per the report, the stakes of DB pipelines has gained maximum rise up to 15 percent.