Australian share market is going through rough days

Australian share MarketThe share market in Australia is really going through a very rough period of time. The shares of almost all big companies are trading at low for a long period of time.

The share market has recorded a huge down fall in stock prices on Friday as compared to last four days. Even some of the experts have predicted that the situation will go worse in the coming days and this will never go in favor of the Australia economy.

The Australian dollar has fallen down to 0.81c at the end of the trading on Friday. The S&P/ASX 200 has gone down to almost 48 points to 4409.5 points which was started at 4430.9 in the early stage of the trading. The report of other indexes is equally bad and they have recorded a fall of 47.5 points after trading.

These kinds of severe down fall in shares now totally destroy the finance for this week and there is no sign for any positivity for the market in near future.

Earlier, it was reported that the S&P 500 had already been falling down 1.7 percent in US and the Nikkei fell 1.8 percent in Asian market.