BT to offer faster broadband for 140,000 North West citizens

BT logoA news of rejoice for the inhabitants of Allerton, Kirkham, Middlewich, Penrith and a number of other exchanges around the North West comes from BT who pledges to provide a better, faster broadband service.

Considered to be a part of its 21CN programme, BT has stated that it will release a faster broadband service in twenty communities of the region, expanding in over140,000 homes and businesses. The process is believed to get over by spring 2011.

It is said that when the entire work is over including the early releases, approximately 85% of the North West people will have a theoretical maximum speed of 20Mbps. This indicates a gross total of 2.2 million households and commercial premises of North West.

Soon by the coming spring approximately 18 million homes and businesses in UK will have been upgraded by BT, the company claims.

BT’s North West Regional Director, Mike Blackburn, explained: “This latest major investment in next generation broadband represents a huge BT vote of confidence in the future of the North West. It will help ensure that businesses and households in the region are in a strong position to thrive. Faster broadband can help businesses become more competitive and greatly improve the on-line services available to households.”