PS3 hacked with USB dongle

/PS3 hackedHackers have been successful to break the security devised for PS3 console, as the reports claim.

The group named PS Jailbreak has developed a new USB dongle that goes in to a PS3 and aids users to plug-in a PS3 and copy the games on the go to the console’s hard drive, the BBC reports.

This indicates that one now can have their own set of games on PS3 or infact have a “back up” planned for commercial games onto your disk (ahem).

The PS3 till date has not been hacked despite the fact that it has been launched over three years ago, and many claim that the videos uploaded on online video-sharing site YouTube state that it is more of a bluff than to be real.

A representative for Fox-Chip, a distributor based in France, denied the fact that PS3 could be hacked. He stated: “It works on all PlayStation 3s. We tested it yesterday,” reports Beep.

A video uploaded on The Register suggests that YouTube contains a video shot of an individual running the hack with the TV and console in sight at regular instants, to bring out the fact that the video is not fake and no false claims are not made.

The dongle plugs in the software which turns off almost all PS3’s security checks, and it doesn’t conflict with console’s warranty.

It soon will be found out what the actual conditions are but nothing as of now can be said about the same.