Annual Portland Relay for Life Surpasses Goal: Raises $89,869

Relay for LifeWhere there is will there is way, and this has been proven by people, who did not back out from showing their support towards a fight against cancer, since they braved it in the weakened economic setting and humid weather. The fourth annual Portland Relay For Life that took place on 13-14 August, reaped a whopping $89,869 in its fund raising event.

The amount not only exceeded the goal of 473,000, but it as well, came as the highest amount raised in a short period of time in the event’s history. One of the event’s members, Bob Bauer spoke in praise of the volunteer teams that partook in the event and made it success. Bauer said that this year, there were 26 teams that took part, whereas in the previous year, there were 23.

The teams toiled hard to retain a majority of fund-raisers, and their hard work has reaped fruits. Community Liaison Officer with the American Society, Marie Matuszak said, even though people have been facing a hard financial time, yet, everyone has made a phenomenal amount of contribution into the work. The temperatures soared to 90 degrees, yet 26 teams took part in this year’s Relay For Life, which is the most well-recognized event for the American Cancer Society.