Obesity in Children is the Biggest Problem in the United States

Obesity ChildrenA poll was conducted by the University of Michigan C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital on children’s health. The results showed that obesity in children is a major problem in the United States. The situation is getting worse day-by-day.

The reason for having so many obese children in the country is that many children lead an unhealthy lifestyle and eat too much junk food and have become veritable couch potatoes.

Almost 57% of adults think that obesity is the biggest health problem among children.

Matthew M. Davis of the U-M Medical School says people are also worried about the growing health consequences of obesity, which includes diabetes, arthritis, and problems related to heart, breathing, and sleep.

Other prevailing problems in the country are drug abuse and smoking in teenagers.

According to medical experts, the rate of obesity in children can decrease by eating healthy food, exercising, and playing in open rather than watching television all the time.

Experts also say that only behavioral changes are not enough to fight obesity. Other factors that also need attention are the presence of large number of fast-food eateries in the country, TV channels flooded with ads on fatty food stuffs, and less emphasis on eating healthy food at stressful workplaces.