Air India pilot stops takeoff on runway after noticing snag

Air India pilot stops takeoff on runway after noticing snag Pilot of Air India’s Lucknow-New Delhi flight IC 412 with 137 passengers on board decided to abort takeoff while the airplane was speeding on the runway of at Amausi Airport after he discovered a technical snag.

The 137 passengers on board the flight, which was scheduled to take off at around 10 am, were deplaned immediately and taken to the waiting room while later another plane was arranged at 1:30 pm to take then to the destination.

The plane was speeding on the runway and has attained the necessary speed after it received clearances from the airline’s engineers and the air traffic control (ATC) and the Pilot had to apply emergency brakes after he found the snag that could put everyone to danger.

Airport director Atul Dixit informed that AI reported an engine snag in its flight and necessary steps were taken. According to some AI officials, there was a snag in the engine which could only be detected after a detailed inspection. However, a clearance to fly is only given after an inspection.

“The flight was an hour behind its schedule. Then the pilot was given a go ahead but no sooner the engines were started, there was some snag in one of the engines. There was a thud that shook the aircraft,” said Dixit.