Tesco to launch first ever drive through supermarket in the UK

Laura Wade GeryThe first ever drive through supermarket of UK, Tesco Extra is to be launched by Tesco in this week. This is to be launched at Baldock and Hertforshire as a trail but if it gets success it would be launched across the UK. The customers will be able to order their required items online and then they can pick them up at the supermarket.

The company Tesco is hoping that the drive through supermarket would become widespread in the UK in near future.

As per the plan, the car drivers do not need to even step down from their car and the staff of the stores will pack the items and deliver that in their car. This new concept has been launched for those customers who do not have time to wait at home for the delivery of the online ordered products.

According to the chief executive of Tesco Direct and Tesco. com, Laura Wade-Gery, this service would be most suitable for the working mothers who have a lot of things to manage.

It also offers an alternative to the parents who don't want to do their shopping at busy stores with their children.