Social networking site Tribe to bring investors, costumers and small businesses all together

Serge BuenoThe social networking site Tribe is thinking optimist and wants to combine and secure the customers, investors and small businesses. Serge Bueno, who had re-launched the soft drink company SodaStream is now concentrating on its new project named Tribe.

Under the project the company will help the new age investors and business leaders to start their business career in a readymade market.

This plan has been opened for the company after the coalition government of UK forced pressure on the banks to lend more to the small business organizations.

According to the governor of Bank of England, Mervyn King the credit crunch has been lasting longer than previously expected in this month. But at the same time, the big business groups have found their sources of funding through different ways while small and medium business groups are still struggling to find the investment for their business.

According to Serge Bueno, the plan for the project Tribe is very simple and every sector of business will be benefited for the plan. He has also said capitalism is the major issue to be solved as it is the main threat for the small businesses.