Bill Gates’ moves ‘plainly inconsistent’

Bill Gates’ moves ‘plainly inconsistent’ US billionaire and philanthropist, Bill Gates' commitment to his tobacco control projects has been challenged by an Australian academic and anti-tobacco campaigner.

One of the world's richest men, who has links to a tobacco company, and Gates’ decision of partnering with him is a plainly inconsistent stand, professor Simon Chapman said when it came to Gates’ decision of funding tobacco-controlled projects.

In June, Gates had announced to jointly contribute $US50 million vaccination project with Mexico's Carlos Slim Helú, which is inconsistent with his cancelling a grant awarded to a Canada-based research group when he discovered its link to a tobacco company.

According to professor Chapman, an outstanding example of philanthropy will be reflected by the latest announcement that has attracted widespread acclaim.

Professor Chapman however agrees that in this century, Gates’ philanthropy is unmatched and uncounted lives have been saved by his contributions.

In an attempt to curb tobacco use in world’s poorest nations, Gates joined New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg in injecting an estimated $500 million which means that Gates is already funding low income and middle income groups.