Apple has again chosen September to showcase its new range of iPods

Apple-IpoApple Inc is expected to come out with new range of iPods on September 1. From past few years company select September for the launch of its new models and this time also they have selected September to unveil their new iPod touch with dual cameras.

Along with the show off its new iPod, it will also describe a little about its iTunes online media store. It is also anticipated that Apple will unwrap its plans to revive its long neglected TV project.

During 2009 event, return of Steve Jobs was the favorite topic for people as he made a public appearing after a log interval during which he experienced liver transplant.

Reuters have been reported by various sources that Apple TV will be launched and at present Apple is in the painful process of negotiations with the major U. S. TV networks from Walt Disney Co's ABC to General Electric Co's NBC, to offer TV shows for rent through iTunes for 99 cents per episode. But sources reveal that nothing is being announced officially by Apple and the media companies denied commenting on this.

Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros said that as per company's confirmation with supply chain and industry sources, it is predictable that potential changes could turn Apple TV into a bigger hobby and a multimillion unit seller.

The venue fixed for the introduction of iPad in April is the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. A prominent picture of a guitar's front, with an Apple logo standing in for the sound hole is printed for invitation for this year event.

Apple's iPods has been ruling the market for the Music and media players but in past few years there has been a moderate growth because of introduction of iPhone and iPad. Apple has sold 9.41 million ipods in the June quarter which is less that the last year's sale of 10.2 million in the same quarter.

Wu is trying hard to refurbish Apple TVs in stores as soon as possible might be in the first half of 2011. He also said that in fact launching Apple Tvs will open roads for home entertainment.