Test to tell whether breast cancer drug works

Test-breast-cancerA test is being developed by scientists that would tell whether the standard chemotherapy drug will have any benefit for breast cancer patients.

This test would help in figuring out thousands of women who will not be able to beat the disease with anthracycline chemotherapy, rather have debilitating side effects.

Every year in the UK about 46,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and many of them are recommended this treatment.

But only one in four gets benefitted from this drug.

Those who do not get any benefits from the drug, find out that the treatment is not right for them after a three-month course.

With the new test, in 24 hours a patient would come to know whether or not anthracycline will help them.

A team tested about 68 breast cancer patients at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research, and it is here that the test is getting developed.

It was seen that many patients from the drug actually saw the tumour disappearing from the breast.

Lead author Dr Nicholas Turner said, “This test may reduce the time taken to discover if a breast cancer patient is not going to have a good response to a chemotherapy from three months to just 24 hours.”