Halton residents to motivate others to leave smoking

Quitting-SmokingHalton residents will soon motivate others to quit smoking as they get geared up to become the stars of an anti-smoking campaign.

An advertising drive to show how former smokers in Halton kicked the habit is being launched by the NHS Halton’s Support Stop Smoking service.

Halton residents will be depicted as ‘Quit Heroes’ in adverts and will appear on advertisement vans, street pillar displays and the sides of buses.

About 27.1 per cent people in Halton are smokers whereas the national average stands at 21 per cent.

Julie Tipton, Support coordinator said, “Through the advertising campaign the former smokers will have a real impact on many others who are also looking for that trigger to stop.”

Chris Tirrell, of Runcorn is one of the chosen few to motivate others.

He said, “When I was about 40 I realised I wasn’t indestructible, the messages being sent out were true, smoking is bad for you, it does cause lung cancer, it does cause heart disease.

He added that for leaving smoking he tried various available methods but they didn’t help him give up smoking completely.

Then he came across a new treatment, Champix and attended an appointment at NHS Halton Stop Smoking Service and he has not smoked a cigarette since then.

He added, “I’ve not smoked since, and know I won’t have one ever again - I’ve been there, got the scars, got the T-shirt, I don’t need cigarettes anymore.”