Admn to tighten noose around those selling booze

Underage-DrinkersColchester authorities will no longer let pubs, clubs and shops sell booze to underage drinkers and if they are found doing so then they could face a temporary closure.

According to council officials and the police here, the town is reeling under the problem of underage drinking and people boozing too much.

As a shock tactic, Colchester Council’s crime and disorder committee wants to close offending premises for a month.

Premises were criticized for selling booze to people who were less than 18 years and to those who were already over drunk.

Tim Young, councillor responsible for housing and community safety, said, “Licensing is an issue we have not got to grips with in Colchester. People are allowed to get drunk and then get drunker. Alcohol is the really big issue we have in this town.”

It was added that a lot of people were being attracted by Colchester.

Something really short and sharp needed to be done to combat the problem

He added, “The next time a licensee is caught, they should be handled with punitive action. They have had so many opportunities and chances already that something needs to happen and someone needs to be made an example of.”