Fed policy on right course, economists say

Fed policy on right course, economists sayWhile depression is perceived as a peril only for a small period, the present work by the Federal Reserve regarding the financial policy has been termed to be on the correct track by various economic analysts.

Most of them have affirmed that according to the problems that the economy of United States is coming across at present, the measures taken by the Federal Reserve are very apt and correct.

The immediate interest charges have been sustained at a firm 0.00 to 0.25% as concluded by the Federal Reserve in its previous consultation which it has again decided to retain low for some more time.

In the wake of a fragile economy, the step taken by the Federal Reserve of utilizing the money from hypothecation oaths which were in their ripeness in order to purchase as much dues of the government as possible was approved by about 67% of the economists as the perfect decision with respect to the prevailing situation.

Most of them were also of the opinion that though the approaching development in the near future was of devaluation or dwindling prices, the long term trend seemed to be one characterized by inflationary price upsurge.