October to see commencement of paid parking in Abu Dhabi

With the aim to encourage drivers to use the public transport system and depend less on cars; paid parking is being introduced in Abu Dhabi for the first time, which will commence from the beginning of October.

Parking fees will be applicable in nearly 2,500 parking spaces in Hamdan Street and Zayed the First Street, in the first stage, with prices fixed at Dh2 or Dh3 per hour, depending on location.

Najeeb Al Zarouni, Director of Parking at the Department of Transport, told a press conference, "Residents' permits will cost Dh800 per year for the first car, and Dh1,200 per year for the second car, if applicable."

He added that those who require special needs will still have free parking, whether they use spaces especially designed for them or other spaces.

Al Zarouni, continued, "Within two years, paid parking will be applied to around 75,000 parking spaces identified across 43 sectors of the city, including 5,000 spaces in underground car parks."

It should be noted that while paid parking will be applicable to commercial areas, drivers would be able to pay using mobile phones, cards, or coins, with permits being accessible online.

Al Zarouni also specified that the Parking Management Strategy will also prevent landlords from renting out parking spaces in their buildings to their tenants.

Al Zarouni said: "This programme is about introducing the first, short-term measures in a much longer-term strategy that is a critical part of government and department of Transport plans to ensure that Abu Dhabi becomes a greener, more accessible, less congested capital."