Climate science panel needs change at top

ipccThe international climate change board, though well acclaimed and commended, has been reviewed by a group of scientists who have come up with the decision that this panel and its manner of operation needs an important and massive renovation as it has become fraught over the period of time but they paused at this only and did not declare anything about the removal of its present chairperson.

The existing head of the United Nations climate panel, Mr. Rajendra Pachauri has been burdened with greater stress with this recent analysis as he has not given any signal of giving in his papers despite of the clash of priorities and thus the disapproval that he has earned for them.

But concern has been expressed by some critics regarding the simultaneous adherence of the United Nations to both the recommendations of refurbishing the panel as well as the present chairman continuing in his office as the head of the panel.

The climate report released by the IPCC the previous year brought a lot of humiliation to the panel as it mentioned erroneously that the Himalayas were melting very fast and would vanish by 2035 which is hundreds of years before the time referred to in other reports.