Job cuts in the public sector to hit many parts of UK in near future

Job cuts in the public sector to hit many parts of UK in near futureAccording to a forecast from a leading think tank of UK, at least one in 10 people will be unemployed in maximum parts of UK by the year 2015. But it has said that the North of England and Wales will be widely affected by the job cuts.

As per the forecast of the think tank Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), in Northern England and Wales the unemployment rate will climb to more than 10% by 2015.

The CEBR has blamed the huge public sector job cuts for the fall down in the employment rate. Southern part of England and London seem to be escaped from the job losses.

The survey report has warned that the unemployment rate could touch as high as 11% in Northern England and in Wales and in both the region most of the people are dependent up on the public sector jobs.

As per the forecast the South East England and South West England will face unemployment rate of 7% and 8% respectively by the year 2015. But the South West England, South East England and London are expected to grow their share of economic activity of the UK.