Chancellor Osborne to cut treasury jobs by 25%

Chancellor Osborne to cut treasury jobs by 25%According to the reports of `Financial Times' the Chancellor of UK Mr. George Osborne wants to cut the jobs by 25% at the Treasury department to 1000 from 1350 in next four years under the process of natural attrition of the government.

According to the economic experts, the Chancellor must be willing to make savings in the departmental budgets by cutting the jobs.

Many people of the country are not happy with the working procedure of Mr. Osborne and have said that the previous Chancellor Mr. Brown was very good at his time and he was much focused in several areas starting from health to international business agreements.

But according to people, Mr. Osborne is only lying on the cuts whether that is public spending cuts or the job cuts.

On the other hand, the Chancellor has advised the Treasury department to focus on their core responsibilities such as economics and finance of the country. In addition the Chancellor Mr. Osborne wants the job cuts in every department of the country where people are getting paid unnecessarily in this huge global economic downturn.