Nike to introduce sneakers with automatic lacing

Nike to introduce sneakers with automatic lacingNike is working to develop sneakers with an “automatic lacing system” so that the user does not have to tie the laces themselves, according to the documents filed by the company.

A similar par of sneakers features in the science fiction movie, ‘Back to the Future Part II’. The company document showed that the automatic lacing system will include a set of straps which can be opened and closed to switch between a loosened and tightened position, automatically.

The company has filed patent for the self lacing sneakers. The patent application was first filed in 2009 and the show resembles the ones w worn by Michael J. Fox in the movie. The company attached a picture with the patent application showing basketball-style trainer with straps over the top of the foot, as well as around the ankle.

Drawing from the inspiration from the film an artist had designed a hoverboard that floats in mid-air earlier this year. Nils Guadagnin's hover-board uses electromagnets and a laser to work however it can support only little weight and moves only up and down.