Jobs might introduce iPod updates today

Jobs might introduce iPod updates todayApple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to release updates for its popular music player, Steve Jobs, the device that was the reason for building a ‘cool’ image for the company among customers.

Mr. Jobs is expected to release the updates for the device in an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The updates might include a front-facing camera on the iPod Touch to allow it to use Apple's new FaceTime video chat technology.

He may also launch a Wi-Fi-equipped iPod Nano allowing users to stream music on the device. Apple usually introduces iPad updates in September and the company may completely focus on the device on the event.

The digital players has been able to attract a large number of customers to Apple stores and introducing them to other devices from the company like Mac PC and pushing up sales. The iPod was launched about nine years ago but is not the flagship product of the company as demand for iPhone and iPad took the company to great heights.

Apple sold 9.41 million iPods during the third quarter ended June 26 which is down 8 per cent from same quarter previous year. Over the years Apple has given its due attention to iPod in special events and different versions like hard-drive based iPod Classic, the iPhone-like iPod Touch, the thumb-sized Shuffle and the Nano with video camera.

Most experts expect the company to focus on updates for the iPod but some suggest that it could also release some updates for Apple TV.

A report suggests that Apple could announce the launch of a new $99 set-top box which includes movie access from Netflix. Apple is also getting ready for the launch of a 7-inch tablet computer in the iPad line called the iPad nano in spring.