Apple TV launch hinted

Apple TV launch hintedIt is believed that Apple might be releasing its latest format of entertainment in the form of IPTV service and the rumors for same seemingly are increasing.

It is been stated that Apple might soon be releasing the IPTV service and the product launch will occur soon on September 7th, with Apple TV and a new iPod Touch models coming in as the latest offerings.

The air of rumor also states that the latest US$99 version of the Apple TV set-top box, will be offered as in case of new brand offerings in form of iTV in US and will be coming in the name of altogether different names in UK to avoid any conflict pertaining with broadcaster ITV.

Apple offers a content offering deal with News Corp which aides in offering TV shows that comes as a 48-hour rental from the iTunes store, for 99 cents per episode. It is also claimed that the talks follow with CBS, NBC Universal and Disney.

The latest offering of iTV service is believed to cater to iOS software that aides users to download and install game apps on TV.