HTC Desire Froyo update procrastinated by Orange

HTC Desire Froyo update procrastinated by OrangeThe yet to be released Froyo update for the HTC Desire was released by Vodafone previous week, but it apparently seems that Orange users need to wait a bit longer for the latest Android 2.2 offering.

It was proclaimed via Orange’s Twitter account that the 2.2 version has been delayed with the firm claiming the fact that that it will soon be releasing the update by the mid of September.

Orange stated:“would like to point out the delay on 2.2 Froyo is not related to Orange services on the device.”

The statement follows soon after Vodafone offers Froyo without the extra 360 offering packaged in with the latest offering of Android 2.1 which supposedly has gained more viewership in case of Desire users who wish to opt for a Desire 360 splash screen and offers bookmarks amongst other additions.

Orange is looking to claim the fact that the delay has nothing to do with trying similar tactics and bundling Orange “extras” with the 2.2 update.

Orange’s PR Manager, Conor Maples, through Twitter said, “As far as I know there will be less Orange customisation on 2.2 than the existing 2.1.”