Emirates-Virgin Blue deal offers 'Australia pass'

Emirates Airline has announced that it has inked mutual agreement with Australian budget airline Virgin Blue with the aim to introduce "Emirates Visit Australia Pass", which will provide unprecedented access to the country.

The sources said that the move takes the interline agreement inked between the two airlines last month a step forward, with the pass offering domestic connections to 22 additional Australian destinations on Virgin Blue from all four Australian cities served by Emirates: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

The sources further added that the two airlines in June had clinched an agreement to offer convenient, single ticket option for travellers flying to regional points in Australia.

As a per the terms of the agreement, Emirates passengers visiting Australia can extend their journey to 22 additional Australian cities such as Adelaide, Albury, Broome, Byron Bay, Cairns, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, Darwin, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast among others, with Virgin Blue.

The sources said that the selection of cities will be expanded to include new destinations operated by Virgin Blue in future. Emirates said a minimum of two and a maximum of four domestic Virgin Blue flights can be combined with Emirates flights, as a part of the move. The deal will provide a convenient way to reach Australian cities.

(via TopNews. Contributed by Malini Ranade)