BT broadband ad affected by ASA ban

BT broadband ad affected by ASA banBT has been hit twice in the present month in regard of advertising of its broadband products.

As reports stated three weeks ago, an advertising related to the fibre-to-the-cabinet offering 40Mbps Infinity service was tagged in form of Advertising Standards Authority, and BT was compelled to reinstate the tag-line to “instant Internet”.

ASA now comes with the fresh set of complaints filed by viewers and other ISPs about an advert for BT’s ADSL2 service.

The ad displays a user waiting for a web page to load on a standard up to 8Mbps broadband line, comparing it with another broadband connection where it could offer a speed up to 20Mbps ADSL2 line, which appears to load it instantly.

BT through a statement said, “rolling out up to 20 meg speeds to give you a consistently faster broadband throughout the day, even at peak times”, a statement which other providers took great issue with.

ASA claimed that enough clues was not there to offer support the petition that BT’s ADSL2 broadband was “consistently faster” than any normal company and offers a standard 8 Mbps service.