Updated iPhone 4 Smartphone soon to be released

 iPhone 4Apple will soon be releasing an upgraded version of iPhone 4 that would cater to resolve issues pertaining with the present version. The reports laid by a Mexican technology website, Canal MX, claims that Apple will soon be offering the latest version of iPhone 4 hardware set, devoid of all antenna issues and at the same time offering the latest offering in brand name of iPhone.

The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, has ensured the fact that the “antennagate” issue will be soon looked over with the shipment scheduled for September 30 onwards. According to the statement of Marco Quatorze, director of Value Added Services at Telcel, a Mexico-based mobile network maker, who claimed the same whilst proclaiming the release of iPhone 4in the nation. Meanwhile reports have been stated by Apple but it is very much in-sync with the statement that users would be provided with problem-free iPhone 4 from September 30 onwards.