Apple soon to release 99c TV rental service

Apple 99cApple recently proclaimed to proffer a 99c TV show exclusively by the effort of Fox and Disney, via the iTunes store. According to a report by the WSJ, the latest pricing hints of the significant drop in pricing from the recent $1.99 and $2.99 per episode that Apple charges, but at the same time promises a bigger audience for accessibility.

The recent risk attached along with such a deal would hint of crushing the relationship of content producers who have cable and satellite TV firms which aid in providing a pile of offerings in the name of revenues steam coming from Fox and co. The report further states that a few of the News corp. executives are not happy with the idea.

The reason being it doesn’t go with the idea of having a traditional television business and thus the same reason why Fox's partnership with Apple comes at 99c TV rental project. Meanwhile it would certainly be interesting to note the fact how the project goes with Apple and Netflix joint venture which might bring Netflix’s unlimited movie subscription to the Apple TV platform.