UAE Workers losing labor court cases to lose jobs for one year!

In a late last night development, the Ministry of Labor said that those workers, who lose cases in the labor courts, will be prohibited from working in the country for a year.

The move was explained as an effort to cut the number of malicious cases filed - as per a statement published on the ministry's website, by Saif al Suwaidi, the acting director of labor affairs.

Suwaidi said that the sacked laborers are apparently taking benefit of the rule that presently permits them a temporary work permit while a labor dispute is pending.

As of now, the worker must leave the country if he loses the case; however, there is little to stop him from getting one more job and returning almost right away.

The changes mean that a worker won't be allowed to work in the UAE again for a year after the verdict ruling that he has lost the case. Ahead of that, the court costs and legal fees would be paid by him.