Will genetically modified Salmon get FDA’s approval

FDAThere are discussions about whether the FDA would give its approval to the genetically modified salmon for human consumption.

As compared to the conventional salmon, the animal is a genetically engineered salmon that grows to market size twice as fast. There will be public meetings in this regard starting from September 19.

AquaBounty Technologies is the company that has taken this initiative and a panel of FDA scientists gave a nod to the company last week. It was stated by this panel that no harm was noticed by consuming genetically modified salmon.

If the FDA approves it then there would be more salmon to consume as the GM salmon produce growth hormone throughout the year and grow at twice the rate of non-GM salmon.

A coalition of 31 advocacy groups issued a statement in preparation for these hearings that urged the FDA not to approve the fish.

Every year the ecosystems are strained by millions of farmed salmon escaping from open-water net pens.

If the approval is given then the native population of salmon would face a major threat.