23-yr-old fakes cancer

23-yr-old fakes cancerJessica Vega, a NY bride who faked cancer for a free wedding and a honeymoon, told her husband Michael O'Connell that cancer was killing her.

She said `I do' at a wedding that was funded by strangers to her husband who is now sick of her lie and has filed a divorce.

O'Connell is an upstate construction worker and said that Vega lied to him and got his sympathy and also gifts worth thousands of dollars.

He said, "The whole thing was disgusting."

Vega got lots on her wedding from strangers and a spectacular gown for her was a part of the gifts she got from people. A huge discount on the wedding hall, a honeymoon in Aruba, and even the $4,000 bar tab was given to her.

Vega is 23 and denied all allegations put on her. She added that her husband smacked her and that she had a letter that told her she had leukemia that she now reportedly admits may have been mistaken.

The groom's dad, Chris O'Connell, of Walkill, N. Y., said, "She may be sick, but she's not dying. That we do know."