Type D personality forms 20 per cent of US population

heart attackAccording to a new research having a distressed personality can lead to ill health and if you're a socially awkward, glass-half-empty sort of person, then you must pay attention.

It has been noted by a study that Type D personality types are prone to heart attack thrice as compared to people who are not Type D and there also is a risk for future heart problems, including peripheral artery disease, heart failure, and death.

Type D personalities often experience a feeling of depression, anger, anxiety, negativity, stress, and loneliness and these types were first found in 90s.

Often the worst is expected by Type D personalities and it is not easy for them to make friends that leads to low-self esteem.

Study author Johan Denollet, a psychologist at Tilburg University in the Netherlands said that they do not share their feelings with others as they fear rejection and are tense, chronically angry, and overreact to stressful situations. Type D forms 20 per cent population in the US.

It was stated by Denollet and his colleagues after analyzing 49 previous studies that included more than 6,000 people that Type D spells trouble especially for heart patients.