US man being rescued at Antarctica

US man being rescued at AntarcticaA sick American is being rescued by New Zealand's air force in Antarctica.

From the U. S. research base at McMurdo Station, a crew of 12, plus three medics, flew to evacuate the man on Tuesday.

New Zealand Air Force Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki said that not much was known about the man's health, but he had an illness, rather than an injury.

From Christchurch on Monday, first rescue team had taken off but it returned after about an hour.

Tamariki stated that there was hardly any visibility with the snow. At the runway at McMurdo also there was snow that made things even more tougher.

He added that despite temperatures of 35 below zero Celsius, the second flight was able to touch down safely in Antarctica on Tuesday.

Tamariki said from New Zealand on Tuesday afternoon that, "She's landed, and we're just waiting for confirmation that they've taken off."

After a flight of 6 1/2 hours, the plane was expected back in Christchurch by Tuesday night.

Sources state that in six months it is for the second time that the New Zealand's Air Force has been asked to rescue a sick American from McMurdo.