Medicaid overhaul called for in New York

MedicaidSignificant changes in New York’s health care benefits for the poor and disabled has been called for by the state’s finances, Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch after he described Medicaid as a massive program whose growth threatens state’s financial condition.

Ravitch has stated in a report that control of the rate-setting process for Medicaid should be removed by the state and this would also reduce the influence of politics on the joint state and federal health insurance program for the poor.

For making middle-class families qualify for the coverage, he also calls for letting them shelter assets and also limit medical malpractice awards and for the re-examination of rules.

It has been noted that the most liberal definition of eligibility is that of New York despite the report not suggesting a cut in benefits.

Working poor that includes childless adults, as well as long-term care for the disabled that includes visiting nurses, and help with bathing, cooking and housekeeping are also now included in the Medicaid that was started as a program mainly for people on welfare.

Medicaid is at present received by almost one in four New Yorkers and this makes NY the largest purchaser of health care in the state.