Heavier college roommate leads to less weight gain

Weight GainA new study has found the extent of influence that peers can have on our behavior in both positive and negative ways. It was further stated that women who have a heavy roommate are less likely to put on weight.

At the start of freshman year, about 144 female college students who were randomly assigned roommates, were seen by researchers for the study.

These girls were questioned about height and weight and if they were involved in a weight management activity like using weight loss supplements, exercising and being on a diet.

Researchers found that weight during their freshman year was gained by study participants who roomed with women who weighed more than average as compared to women who roomed with more slender girls. Compared with an average 2.5-pound weight gain, the difference was an average half-pound weight gain.

Study co-author Kandice Kapinos of the University of Michigan said, “It's not really the weight of your roommate that's important, but the behaviors your roommate engages in. These behaviors are what may really be 'contagious.”

It was added that diet and exercise regimen is often followed by heavier freshman that impacts the behavior of their roommate.