Quality standards not followed by many breast cancer hospitals

Breast CancerAccording to a first-of-its-kind study set to be released on Thursday, a majority of hospitals in Chicago that screen for and treat breast cancer could not express that several widely accepted quality standards were followed by them.

As a step toward understanding and correcting an alarming racial disparity in Chicago's breast cancer mortality rates, a research was carried out by the Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium, a collaborative of Chicago-area health care providers.

Experts stated that the number of deaths due to breast cancer was lesser in White women as compared to African-American women in Chicago. This has been attributed to primarily poorer-quality screening and treatment.

Under an agreement they would not be identified, treatment data from 19 hospitals in Chicago and screening data from 37 hospitals provided the information that was analyzed for the report.

The standard for finding cancer when it was small or early detection of breast cancer was demonstrated by only about a third of the facilities that offer screening.

The quality standard for finding cancer was demonstrated by about 60 per cent that means for every 1,000 screening mammograms, identifying four to nine cancers.

Anne Marie Murphy, executive director of the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force, the non-profit group that formed the consortium last year said, “It's pretty clear we have a long way to go in terms of guaranteeing high-quality screening and treatment in all of the facilities.”