Supreme Court suspends trial on Vodafone tax court case

VodafoneOn Monday the Supreme Court suspended trial in the tax case in opposition to Vodafone to November 15 subsequent to the telecom company hunted time to undergo the Rs. 11,218 crore tax notification dispatched by the Income Tax department.

Vodafone put forward ahead of the court that it got the tax department command on late Friday and hence required time to pore above it. Bearing in mind the telecom colossal disagreement, a panel including Chief Justice SH Kapadia and Justices KS Radhakrishnan and Swatantra Kumar suspended the case to November 15. The panel also guided Vodafone to file responses of the Income Tax department’s command setting up their liability.

According to senior advocate Harish Salve, turning up for Vodafone, they have obtained the I. T department’s command setting up the liability of Rs 11,218 crore however did not obtained much time to respond.

In the meantime, the panel also expressed that the Vodafone’s fresh case reported by it at the Bombay High Court in opposition to the I. T department, considering them as Hutchison Telecommunication International Ltd’s mediator for the deal might, carry on.