Cumbria breast screening to be initiated yet again

Cumbria breast screening to be initiated yet againBreast screening in Cumbria will be re-launched from the coming week after being suspended.

In July, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust pronounced of stopping the screening for a crucial review.

The review reveals that nine women were given a green signal after being diagnosed with cancer. Screening for women who were already tested for cancer will initiate on Monday and it is believed that the screening will be continued till the end of the year.

The review involves 1,600 women who further had to undergo further tests following routine mammograms since April 2007.

Trust officials claimed to offer an insight upon the data that showed that women who were called for a second screening who were suffering from cancer. Nearly 1,600 films were sent for review to external screening centres.

Mid of August saw, 1,477 files being returned back with 1,302 seeking for no further testing, eight women were asked for getting themselves treated and rest women were found to have non-invasive cancer.

The Trust claims to close the review of and shall soon be releasing the full review on the details.