Smoking claims 33,500 lives in UK every year

Smoking claims 33,500 lives in UK every yearMore than 33,500 lives every year are claimed by lung cancer in the UK and it also is the most common cancer in the world and in Northern Ireland in 2008 accounted for 12.5 per cent of all cancers diagnosed.

The time between lung cancer being diagnosed and death due to it can be as little as six months and even less and 90 per cent of lung cancers are caused by smoking.

The damage that can be caused by smoking is being highlighted by the Public Health Agency, PHA, through radio, TV and advertising campaigns.

Minister for Health, Michael McGimpsey, said, “I want every smoker to know quitting smoking is the single most effective step that you can take to improve your long term health for the sake of your health and to vastly improve the quality of your life. There is no better time to stop smoking than now. Take the first step on 1 November and access one of the many methods of support available.”

Gerry Bleakney, Lead for Tobacco Control, PHA, said that many health problems take place due to smoking like heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes etc.

It was further added that there is a low rate of survival in tobacco related cancers such as lung, esophageal and stomach cancers, and ultimately one in two smokers will die because of their habit.