Concerns about sale, exploitation of dogs increase

Concerns about sale, exploitation of dogs increaseA lot of concern about dogs being exploited and their sale are being raised.

The Executive Director of the Calgary Humane Society said, "Words like fearless, aggressive and strong should not be included in online listings of pets for sale."

Patricia Cameron further stated that with clear signs of having survived savage and sustained fights over the past year a handful of dogs have been dropped off at the shelter,

Cameron stated that by illegal underground dog fight rings on both sides of the border, some of the dogs are being exploited.

Some of the ads that raise red flags have been agreed to be pulled by Kijiji.

Avoid cash and deliver breeders is what people should be doing, the boss of Calgary Animal Control, Bill Bruce said. One should stop by a shelter if looking for a pet.

At the Quinte Humane Society where dozens of animals have come and volunteers and staff deserves the credit apart from community generosity.

At the Quinte Humane Society about 79 animals had arrived on September 28 and they can not be seen any longer at the Avonlough Road facility as they have been either adopted or re-homed at breed rescues.