Breast screening device recalled

Breast screening device recalledFollowing no evidence that Breastlight, a product that is used to screen early detection of breast cancer, the device is being pulled out from the market.

Following evaluation of information about the safety and effectiveness of the technology, PWB Health Ltd. is recalling Breastlight and asking pharmacies and other distributors to immediately stop selling the product.

As a component of breast awareness and as an aid to help women notice changes in their breasts over time, the company has marketed the device.

Reports stated, "But there is no clinical evidence that the Breastlight can be used effectively as a screening device for the early detection of breast cancer. As such, it may present a potential risk to women relying on it for early detection of breast cancer."

If new safety information arises, company's recall will be monitored by the federal department and take appropriate action. To stop shipments of the product being imported into Canada, Health Canada is also working with Canada Border Services.

Health Canada also added that the device can not be used as a replacement for routine monitoring and screening for breast cancer and women are advised to get in touch with a doctor who are relying on this product.