Cuts to diabetes service not favorable

Cuts to diabetes service not favorableThere is a doubt if $100,000 from its Diabetes Lifestyle Centre specialist service will be cut by MidCentral District Health Board and celebrations of the Diabetes Awareness Week started today with national leaders watching to see what the decision will be.

Diabetes New Zealand president Chris Baty said, "The optimist in me hopes they will recognise that the service currently provided is barely adequate, let alone equipped for the future. If not, then I despair."

In the morning meeting a proposal about shedding a part-time administrator from the centre and a nurse was put and the centre deals with complex and difficult to control conditions, and this includes pregnant women and children.

More hospital admissions are on the cards as there will be more people possibly who would be unable to manage their blood glucose levels, fewer consultations for diabetic patients in hospital and fewer appointments for at-risk patients due to the cuts.

In New Zealand alone the number of people who have diabetes are about 210,000 and every year the incidence was growing by eight per cent.

Within MidCentral Health region, approximately 7700 people with diabetes live and over the next five years this figure is predicted to increase to 11,800 people.