Consumer Confidence is Low in USA- Why?

Consumer ConfidenceExperts conducted consumers' confidence survey to know the likelihood of buyers to purchase products. It has been concluded by experts of ANZ-Roy Morgan measurement center that consumers' confidence is right now downward comparing to last four months. This month, the index is showing that male's aplomb has increased by two points whereas there has been a one point drop in female confidence level which has touched 110. In comparison to 2009, the confidence level of female consumers is very low.

According to consumers, the present economic condition is responsible to change the buying attitude among customers who are not feeling comfortable to purchase products freely due to a rise in prices of commodities.

Consumers show their reluctance to buy major household accessories and products. They told reporters that current price rates are certainly burdensome to them to fulfill their dreams by decorating major household accessories.

Researchers have also pointed out another major reason of decreasing the tendency in shopping. They want to minimize debt and they like to restrict their purchasing habit. Researchers are still probing to find out more interesting secretes about the sudden behavioral change among consumers.