Doha trade round expected to be revitalized from WTO meeting

WTOIt has been learned that the World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy has recently invited its 153 member delegations to a meeting on November 30. It is to be mentioned here that the motive of the meeting is to look for build on calls this month by the G20 and APEC summits to finish the Doha round of global trade talks.

The source mentioned that Lamy is looking at revitalizing the halted talks among the global commerce front which initiated close to nine years back.

It may be noted here that there have already been many meeting within the small groups of key ambassadors in the recent months which were looking at brainstorming on how to move the talks forward has led to a greatly improved atmosphere among negotiators in comparison to the gloomy and frustrating times faced in the first half of the year.

However, Lamy and the other senior negotiators are of a view that the leaders still need to signal their political will to clock a deal so that it can open up way for the marketers in food, manufactured goods and services while helping poor countries.