Jobs at risk in UAE airline feud

Emirates AirlineCanada's refusal flashed the political argument of the UAE's order for its two airlines, Emirates and Etihad. These airlines were to fly into three Canadian cities by the daily routes from Dubai. The UAE replied in answer as they booted the Canadian Forces out of a Dubai base. They had been using to point operations in Afghanistan. Canadian visitor's visa limitations were stroked.

The Harper cabinet has been cracked by this fight. There is a hard opening towards government by the Defense Minister Peter MacKay to allow the UAE lengthened landing right. There was a horrible breaking of relationship due to the stress

The Conservative government curved up the character yesterday.

Lawrence Cannon, the Foreign Affairs Minister supposed in Lisbon for a NATO summit that there was a break down in the discussions for the landing rights. There may be result of Canadians losing jobs.

He alleged that there was no such preparation of putting Canadian workers out of their jobs. The Canadian market might have been overflowed by allowing a sponsor foreign airline.