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Manas Informatics Pvt. Ltd. manages TopNews magazine and website.

If you have any suggestions, the best way to contact is to drop an email at editor (at), you should get a reply within 24 hours. TopNews operates many country specific websites under the same brand name "TopNews". You can check,,, and for specific website in your region.

Maninder Singh

Email: editor <at> and editor <at>

TopNews Media,
Suite 223, Arab Tower, Hamdan Street,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

US Support No. (501) 588-0500

New Zealand Support No. (64).9889.7776

Hina Deshpande
Editor In Chief

Unit : Magazine
Manas Informatics Pvt. Ltd.,
2008, Phase 7
Mohali, India

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Email: editor <at> and editor <at>

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