Tweet helps nab iPhone thief

Alex-WilsonAlex Wilson, a ten year old boy helped catch an iPhone thief after by posting his picture on micro blogging site, Twitter.

Alex and his dad drove past 24-year-old Craig Royal in Darlington, Co Durham while he stole the device from a walker. The schoolboy quickly used his dad’s mobile phone to take a picture of Royal who was riding a bike.

The boy then posted the picture on Twitter with the caption, 'This idiot just robbed someone on Yarm Road about 20 mins ago.' The police noticed the picture and were able to identify the person and arrest him for the theft.

"This young boy was a key witness whose public spiritedness enabled us to quickly identify and arrest the suspect," said Insp Mark Hall.

Alex's dad Dylan described how he and his son were caught in slow traffic when Alex spotted the robbery near their home. He said that Alex was really responsive as he rolled down his window and shouted at him, Oi, what d'ya think you're doing?". When the robber turned to him he quickly took the picture.

Royal has pleaded guilty and has been convicted at Darlington Magistrates' Court and given a 12-month conditional discharge with a £50 fine and £85 costs.