International aviation organization designate UAE representative, the vice-president

Aisha Al HamiliThe UAE's enduring delegate on the International Civil Aviation Organization Committee, Captain Aysha Al Hamili, has been designated council vice-president for 2010-2011. The verdict was declared at the council's gathering in its 191st assembly organized lately in Montreal, Canada.

The undisputed resolution approach as a consequence of the lively position take part in by the UAE's spokesperson from side to side incessant labor with dedicated technological group, labors meant at intensification bind in civil aviation connecting the UAE and numerous nations and winning account of Arab welfare at the ICAO.

GCAA Director General, Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, expressed that this appointment approach in order with the UAE's vigorous position in the international civil aviation division and stand for a continuance of the UAE's accomplishment in attaining the faith of the majority ICAO associate states, that outcome in the current re-election to the ICAO Council, of the UAE.

Al Suwaidi carried on that lead by Captain Aysha Al Hamili, the squad of the UAE's delegate workplace at ICAO acted an important location in pressurizing its pledge in the direction of backing ICAO's principles and strategy in conditions of protection, security and the surroundings and intensification of the position of Arab states in this significant worldwide organization.