Abu Dhabi is still the highest-rated sovereign entity in the region

Standard-PoorThe global credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor has announced Abu Dhabi as the highest-rated sovereign entity in this region. It has also informed that the city has been excellent in terms of wealth and political coherence for several years. Its outlook toward the world is very positive and very stable. So it deserves to be placed at the top spot in the list.

However, the report has disclosed some of the facts that the emirate nations have to watch out for. They are dealing with several issues which are pulling their rank down in the list. The factors like geopolitical risks, minimal transparency at a government level are still affecting this emirate. Limited availability of financial and economic data is the other reasons which are against the Abu Dhabi.

The report from the rating agency has also reported that Abu Dhabi’s economy is growing despite the global economic downturn. It has also said that the emirate has significant flexibility to withstand the global economic issues.