Financial support for Farmers to reduce import hope

Abu-Dhabi-FinancialAn Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED) official alleged that a special agriculture bank is needed by the country to enhance loans to farmers and help to diminish the country's reliance on introduced food.

Alaa el Din Hassan Moussa, the senior economic researcher at the DED, said that in local area the UAE could supply only 37 per cent of its food needs. Certain foods such as vegetables could not be produced in the soil. However farmers need more funding to purchase the technology needed to farm in the infertile climate.

He said that farmers will be provided further loans. They have to apply superior high technology and it can be very costly. And this amount can be afforded by the farmers.

Mr. Moussa alleged that a latest Farmers Services Centre is prepared by the UAE. It is done so as to help local agriculture however its main aim on the marketing of produce before creating costs.

In recent years, Gulf countries have purchased farmland to increase their food production in close calm climates to grow produce overseas.