AI asked not to take off by UAE officials

Air IndiaThe Parliament was informed that Air India was threatened by the UAE traffic control that they will not be allowed to take off. This happened at the Dubai airport and the reason for the same was said to be that AI had not updated the navigation database system as per requirement.

During the session in the legislature, the Civil Aviation minister Praful Patel said in his reply to a question that because of some changes in the certain terminal procedures of UAE airspace that became effective from June 3 to July
1, the national carrier had to face all these troubles.

The question that was put in front of him was to give the reasons as to why AI had been threatened of not being allowed to go for a take off in Dubai. That in the very essence of it is a big threat considering AI is the national carrier.

No date and no further details were given about the incident. As per the current regulations, the database has to be updates every 28 days. This also includes flight paths for aircraft.